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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participates in the events of the 27th anniversary of the Independence

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The Independence Day was marked with large and bright celebrations in Turkmenistan. The main square of Turkmen capital met this day in celebration decoration. Thousands of Ashgabat residents, hundreds of guest of the capital from all parts of the country and the world have gathered at the main square on that day. The members of the Government, deputies of the Mejlis, heads of ministries and departments, public organizations, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, ambassadors of our country abroad, representatives on foreign delegations as well as the delegates of the People’s Council gathered on the Central Tribune. Everybody was looking for the start of grandiose celebration action.

Military personnel of all Armed Forces of the country lined up on the Square of Independence.

It was 10 am on the clocks. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went up the State Tribune. Everybody welcomed the Leader of the Nation with enthusiasm.

Exemplary Military Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan played the fanfares. The celebration starts with military parade, which demonstrated high professionalism and training of Turkmen warriors.

Minister of Defence B. Gundogdiyev made report to the President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhameedov on the readiness to start the parade on occasion of the 27th anniversary of the State Independence.

The President orders to start the parade. The Minister of Defence drives along the lines the Armed Forces greeting the warriors. The National anthem is played and the State Flag of Turkmenistan is hoisted. The soldiers give the military oath on fidelity to the country.

The group of flag bearers opens celebration parade. The soldiers flying the State Flag of Turkmenistan and combat colours of all Armed Forces of the country march in front of the tribune under the sound of triumphant music.

They are followed by the cadets of the 1st Specialized Military School named after Berdimuhamed Annayev of the Ministry of Defence. After, the battalion of the officers of National Army marched in front of the tribune. The parade is continued by the female military personnel. Soldiers of motorized rifled battalion followed by Turkmen military pilots enter the square.
Anti-aircraft service military personnel marched in front of the State tribune. Battalion of marines is among the participants of the parade. It is followed by the airborne special forces battalion. The parade is continued by the column of artillery division military staff who always demonstrate high skills and ability to destroy the targets during military training and tactical exercises.

Military personnel of new structure – the battalion of territorial defence, take part in the parade for the first time. protection of the state, strategic and important facilities is the main objective of this division.

They are followed by the battalion of the General Department of Civil Defence and Rescue Works of the Ministry of Defence. Personnel of the department are professionals in emergency response and elimination of the consequences of accidents.

After, personnel of special forces of the Ministry of National Security and the State Border Guard Service, who had special training, marched across the square. March of equestrian division of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Inferior were the decoration of the parade.

The parade is continued by the demonstration of military equipment.

Mechanized columns of different armed forces led by ‘Combat Guard” military vehicle enter the square one after another. They are followed by new transport vehicles designated for rapid response by Special Forces. Modern technical equipment installed on the vehicles allow conducting combat actions in any conditions.

Military vehicles «MRZR-D2», «MRZR-D4», «DAGOR», «AJBAN» for special forces continue the review. These mobile and powerful tactical units help to solve responsible objectives in the places with difficult access.

The National Army has armoured vehicles «Land Rover» and «NIMR», which are equipped with Hornet anti-tank missiles, tactical drones, 82-mm mortars and Browning machine guns.

Modern infantry fighting vehicle “Karakal” is presented at the celebration parade carrying the group of assault squad and man-portable air defence systems onboard.

«AL SHIBL» military vehicles, which was supplied for equipment and facilities base of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan as well as BTR- 80A armoured personnel carriers and new armoured “Kirpi” vehicles for special forces drive in columns across the square.

Second mechanized motorcade including «Land Rover» combat vehicle with modern complex of military communication «Rode Schwarz» enters the square.

They are followed by air defence complexes «FM-90» and S-200, which can also be used to destroy ground and water targets.

The third mechanised column consists of specialized transport vehicles of the State Border Guard Service Toyota HILUX», «COBRA», «MANTRA», «PMV- SURVIVOR-II», «KIRPI» designated for protection of the borders of our land. These vehicles are powerful, fast and have good off-road capabilities.

They are followed by IVECO trucks with air defence complex ZU-132 for destruction of low flying aircrafts.

The forth mechanized column enters the square. It has light armoured vehicles of the Ministry of Interior «OTOKAR», «PMV SURVIVOR II», «TOYOTA TUNDRA», «GMC Sierra». These vehicles serves to support the peace in life of people as well as public order. It is followed by the motorcyclists of the Ministry of Interior.

Celebration parade is continued by the Air Forces of the country. «Agusta-109» and «Agusta-139» helicopters, which technical characteristics allows personnel of the State Border Guard Service to control the mountains and hardly accessible places, are flying above the square.

Air parade is continued by «Eurocopter-365» of the Ministry of National Security and «Eurocopter-145» of the Ministry of Interior. After, combat jets “Su-25” appear in the sky. Turkmen pilots demonstrate high professionalism in flying combat aircrafts.

After, Independent battalion of the Guards of Honour marched in front of the State tribune. Demonstrating high skills in handling rifles in lines, the soldiers form up the shape of figure “27” and the Monument of Independence on the square.

Performance of Exemplary Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan was the final chord of the military parade. Finally, the sounds of march are replaced with the melody with silver tints of dutar.

Ahalteke horse is brought to the square in front of the tribune. Horsemen demonstrated the beauty, gracious pace and splendid exterior of magnificent steed. After, the horse effectively rears up, having gained the applauses of admired public. On occasion of the 27th anniversary of the Independence, on behalf of the associates, this horse is presented to the Head of the State.

Another wonderful white horse shining with silver appears on the square under music accompaniment. This is famous Akhan who was entered to the Guinness Record Book. Akhan makes fancy bow and then shows his best stunt, having waked in front of the public rearing.

After, theatre literature and music performance dedicated to the great Silk Road starts on the square.

Representatives of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan and non-governmental organziations of the country show up on the main square of the country. Honoured elders and women with grey hair are in the first rows.

They are followed by the column of the representatives from the velayats. It is accompanied with the motorized platform with tandyr – the symbol of home hearth, consolidation and traditions passed from generation to generation.

The parade is continued by the personnel of Ashgabat city administration. Platform with the model of architectural attractions of the capital, new buildings and monuments that adorend the main city of the country drive in front of the tribune.

The column of the representatives of science and education sphere, which Head of the State gives the role of intellectual driving force of further development of the country, enters the square.

Phalanx of the cyclists opened the line of numerous army of sportsmen. There were the master of various sports, winners of national and international competitions. These day, they have excellent sport complexes and stadiums and largest Olympic village in the region.

Avaza was the next subject of the celebration. Cries of seagulls, yellow, white and blue colours reminded of bright sun, golden beaches, sea, yachts and snow-white buildings on the Caspian coast.

Representatives of health protection and medical industry sphere enter the square. High level of medical services in the country is guaranteed by ramified system of super modern medical facilities, for construction and equipment of which the State has paid big money. Ashgabat turned into big medical centre with high technology clinics.

After, personnel of economic structures, financial and banking sphere marched across the square. Working achievements of all branches of national economy are dedicated to the 27th anniversary of independence. Bright marching of the representatives of trade sphere and entrepreneurship is accompanied by the story about their achievements.

Workers of all branches of economy, thousands of people representing practically all spheres of life activity of the state and society was marching on this day across the main square of the country. Best personnel, famous masters and leading specialists, young personnel were among them.

Personnel of industrial branches enters the square accompanied by the platform with installation of industrial facility. Development of this sector of the economy is one of the main priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan.

Neatly decorated vehicles appear in front of the tribunes. One carries the gifts of generous Turkmen land and production of national agricultural complex, another vehicle has picturesque landscape with mountain slopes, waterfalls, inhabitants of natural sanctuaries and excellent ahalteke horses.

After, the columns of people dressed in the uniform of civil aviation, railroad, seamen personnel walked in front of the tribune. They are accompanied by the vehicles decorated accordingly with branch they represent.

Personnel of communication sphere and national Space Agency meet the holiday with significant achievements. Turkmenistan is preparing to launch its second artificial satellite for development of high technology communications, which indicates economic growth of the state.

Personnel of oil and gas sphere enters the square. Achievements of oil and gas industry are visually demonstrated in celebration decoration of demonstration vehicle. It has the models of the monument to the first explorer of the desert, modern drilling rigs, refineries and pipleines.

The march is continued by the specialists of departments of energy sphere. Their vehicles carries the models of production installations, which capacity provides growing local demands, high voltage power lines supplying Turkmen energy to foreign countries.

Representatives of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture and the State Concern Turkmenawtoyollary enter the square. Achievements of the personnel of these departments are visible to everybody. They change the appearance of the capital d entre country with hundreds of new social and economic facilities as well as with thousands of kilometres of modern roads.

After, it is a turn of young generation and personnel of cultural sphere to walk across the square. The best children art collectives enter the square. Young artists perform cheerful dance composition and joyful song about happy childhood. The column of art masters and personnel of the Ministry of Culture has plenty of people.

Music and dance composition, the medley of national songs in modern arrangements and modern popular compositions forestalled the performance of bakhshys performance. The kushtdepty dance, which is expressive symbol of unity and life energy, brings everybody together in one circle. Its rhythmic and stirring emotional message charge everone around with joy and optimism.

Celebration events of the main square of the country are finished with bright song and dance composition. The baton of the event on occasion of national holiday was continued around the country in all villages and cities.

* * *

Musical show in honour of the Independence Day was held at the square in front of Alem Cultural and entertainment centre where numerous citizens and guests of the capital have gathered.

Popular singers, masters and young soloists, folk and dance ensembles, chorus groups took part in the concert. Composers and poets prepared new compositions for the celebration. The artists performed the compositions, which already popular and liked by the spectators.

Celebration firework took place after the concert. Fountains of lights were scattered as bright sparkles across the evening sky leaving wonderful moments of the event in the memory.


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