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Teleconference bridge connects A.S. Pushkin Turkmen-Russian School and school at the Funtovo Village, Astrakhan oblast

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A teleconference bridge took place between the joint Turkmen-Russian secondary school named after A.S. Pushkin in Ashgabat and Magtymguly Fragi School at Funtovo Vilage, Volga Region, Astrakhan oblast, the Russian Federation.

The school in the Funtovo village, built on the initiative of President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was opened on the Day of the Constitution and the National Flag of Turkmenistan, in May, 2018.

The two-storey building of the educational complex with a total area of over 3.500 square meters is designed for 190 students.

The “Ashgabat – Astrakhan” teleconference bridge connected this school with the Turkmen-Russian school, where two different cultures exists and the Turkmen and Russian languages neighbour on.

This year, the teleconference bridge presenters from Turkmenistan emphasized that tens of thousands of young Turkmen citizens had entered classrooms for the first time, each of whom received a gift from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The current teleconference confirms the aspiration of the two states to strengthen relations in the field of education. The friendly interaction of the schools named after A.S. Pushkin in Turkmenistan and Magtymguly Fragi in the Russian Federation will allow students to learn more about the culture and customs of our peoples.

The presenters from Funtovo noted that fruitful relations between Russia and Turkmenistan today had reached new level in all areas of mutually beneficial partnership.

The sphere of education that ranks first for Russia and Turkmenistan stands as a key factor, determining the future of our states. That is vividly proved by the new school that teaches children the Turkmen language in the Astrakhan oblast. This is a significant event in the history of relations between our states.

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Pavel Zenkovich and Acting Governor of the Astrakhan Region, Igor Babushkin welcomed the participants of the teleconference bridge.

The festivities on occasion of the beginning of the new school year taken place at Magtymguly Fragi School at Funtovo Vilage were demonstrated during the teleconference bridge. The holiday brought together children, parents, teachers, representatives of state authorities and public figures.

The ‘first bell’ ceremony, arranged at the Turkmen-Russian school named after A. Pushkin, was presented to the teleconference bridge participants from Russia. The directors of the two schools exchanged greetings, wishing schoolchildren success in their study.

Children from the Astrakhan village read the poem of the great Turkmen poet - Magtymguly Fragi and presented a vocal number, and their peers from Ashgabat recited the lines of classical Russian poet A. S. Pushkin and showed the choreographic composition - dance “Bilezik” performed by the school ensemble “Kalinka”.

In addition, they performed the Russian folk dance “Barynya” and the Turkmen song “Türkmenistanym bagy bossanym”.

So, due to modern technologies, students in the Volga region of the Astrakhan oblast and Ashgabat, who live thousands of kilometers far from each other, became acquainted, shared their impressions on important events of student life, and exchanged their wishes.

According to the presenters, the teleconference bridge between Russia and Turkmenistan was a success. This event has become another remarkable page in the history of development of traditional Turkmen-Russian humanitarian contacts, which are an integral part of interstate relations.


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