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Cotton Growers in Balkan Velayat Meet Contractual Obligations

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Balkan velayat cotton producers have reported on the fulfillment of their contractual obligations, having harvested 5,000-plus tons of ‘white gold’.

A festive event to mark the occasion turned into a big celebration and was attended by representatives of the regional administration, top-performing farmers, and scores of local residents. The attendees enthusiastically welcomed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s congratulatory address to cotton growers, pickers, combine operators, and agricultural workers of the region, which was read during the event.

As the head of state noted in his address, our country, which is steadily advancing towards new heights of progress, has created a favourable and supportive environment for the farming community, including cotton growers and their productive work. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, farmers can make a decent living, enjoying the well-earned fruits of their own labor. The state supports daikhans by regularly purchasing high-capacity agri-machinery, keeping them well-supplied with mineral fertilizers, and building irrigation systems, drainage networks, and water reservoirs.

A considerable portion of the region’s cotton-growing areas are located in Serdar and Bereket etraps with the Karakum River supplying water to grow the crops. Given the western region’s soil and climatic conditions, medium staple varieties were planted in the fields. The success of the region’s farmers is the logical outcome after so many months of their tireless efforts to take care of the crops, while following the established farming practices.


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