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National Army magazine about service of the Motherland defenders

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First year issue of quarterly National Army (Milli goşun) magazine of the Ministry of Defence has been published. Public and political, military and historical, scieentiifc and methodological magazine is aimed at patriotic education of youth and on highlighting of the course of military reform initiated by President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Regular issue is opened with article dedicated to the 25th anniversary of neutral status of Turkmenistan, which become a phenomenon in international relations. Examples in the article brightly demonstrate success of the country in the world arena.

One of the articles of the magazine is dedicated to celebration of the Day of the Motherland Defender on January 27 and introduce reforms in military sphere to the readers. It is highlighted in the article that our country carries out integrated work for equipment and facility rearmament of the Armed Forces and improvement of soldiers’ training based on the Military doctrine, which has exclusively defensive character.

At the same time, the author highlights that special attention is paid to realization of art and intellectual potential of young soldiers. At present time, young men serve their military duty taking into account their abilities and civil professions. For example, recruiters with music education might be enrolled to military orchestras and ensembles together with military training and young scientists to make studies in scientific departments of military divisions.

Article on the process of training short military and patriotic videos, which reflect successes of military reforms aimed at strengthening of the potential of National Army of independent neutral Turkmenistan, is presented to the readers’ attention.

The article has pictures from the videos, which are demonstrated at present on national television and popular websites. Feedbacks on these videos on internet indicate positive response of the youth.

Another article speaks about the service of pilots of the Air Force and Air Defence. The author describes exciting feelings a man experienced during the flight on supersonic aircraft, introduce special features of training of jet fighter pilots. The readers will learn what personal characteristics the officer of the Air Forces should have, how daily training is carried out and preparation to military drills and parades is ongoing.

The magazine is continued with an article dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in 1941 – 1945 Great Patriotic War. The author cites important facts about contribution of Turkmen people to the Great Victory.

104 Turkmen warriors were awarded with honoured title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, more than 130,000 with different combat orders and medals. Turkmen women donated 7,392 kg of jewellery to the Fund of Defence, which made 75 percent from the total donations from all republics of the Soviet Union.

Infographics reflecting the dynamics of successful cooperation of Turkmenistan with competent international organizations including the United nations Organization, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, International Fund for Saving of Aral Sea and other is presented on the centrefold of the magazine.

The magazine is continued with an article about officer of medical service, reserved colonel with 38 years of service who has brought up many generation of military medics. In the article, the colonel shares his experience, speaks about unique cases from his personal practice.

Article about sport achievement of Turkmen fishermen, who back in 1936 covered more than 4,600 kilometres across Caspian Sea, Volga River and other rivers from Turkmenbashy Port to Moscow for 93 days on small boats, the taymuns. The article introduces the readers with biography of brave men, their route and other interesting facts of this journey.

One of the publications speaks of internet art contest, which was announced on the website of National Army magazine. The magazine contains poems of the winners of the internet contest as well as advises for support of healthy life style, presented current news from the world of military technologies, interviews with military personnel and other materials.


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