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Seven districts report on fulfilment of assignments on delivery of wheat to the state

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Grain producers of Turkmenistan has a hot time. The wheat harvest is speeding up every day. Seven districts have reported on fulfilment of obligations on delivery of grain to the state on June 24.

Farmers of Ak Bugday district, Ahal Region are among the leaders of the harvest campaign. More than 69,000 tons of grain have been reaped in the historical birth place of Turkmen wheat. Good yield was produced in Serkakhs district where 41,000 tons of wheat was harvested. More than 21,500 tons of grain have been delivered in Gyoktepe district.

It is worth reminding that Ahal and other regions have comprehensively prepared to the harvest campaign. Mobile maintenance and service teams support the grain harvesters all day around providing them with fuel, lubricants, spare parts for equipment.

Proper living conditions have been made in the field camps for machine operators, drivers and other personnel participating in the harvest campaign, performance of cultural personnel and work of mobile shopping outlets have been organized.

Rapid pace of the harvest is maintained in farming associations of Mary Region where two districts, Yolotan and Tahtabazar, have fulfilled the government work request. One of the districts has produced more than 25,200 tons of selected wheat while another more than 17,300 tons.

Farmers of Lebap Region also achieve good results. Grain growers of Khalach and Koytendag districts successfully fulfilled contractual obligations having produced more than 53,500 and 17,600 tons of wheat respectively.

As is known, part of winter crops in the eastern region is cultivated on virgin lands of the right bank of Amudarya River. Proper care was taken for the wheat throughout the whole period after the sowing. Mineral and organic fertilizers have been introduced in sufficient amount in the fields. All important agricultural works have been carried out taking into account recommendation of scientists.

Development of agricultural sphere is under permanent attention of the President of Turkmenistan. Significant investments are used in agricultural complex, which is to support rapid development of the regions, provision of food abundance in the country and economic wealth of the state, improvement of wellbeing of the population.


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