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Ahal and Dashoguz Regions are leaders of grain harvest campaign

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As of June 28, Ahal and Dashoguz regions are the leaders in fulfilment of the state order on production of grain.

This year, the area under grain crops in Ahal Region is 195,000 hectares; 400,000 tons of wheat have been reaped in the region totally. Farmers of Kaahka District made significant contribution to the campaign, having delivered more than 80,500 tons of grain to storage facilities of the country, as well as grain producers of Baherden etrap, who produced more than 44,000 tons of grain.

Grain producers of Dashoguz Region, where 145,000 hectares have been allocated for winter crops and 265,000 tons of wheat have been produced, hold the harvest campaign at high rates.

In particular, more than 50,500 tons of wheat have been delivered to reception facilities in S. Turkmenbashy District, 30,800 tons in Kunyaurgench District, 34,500 tons in Akdepe District, more than 31,200 tons in S. A. Niyazov District. More than 30,500 tons of wheat was produced in Gurbansoltan Eje District, more than 18,500 tons in Boldumsaz District and more than 16,500 tons in Ruhubelent District.

The grain harvest is coming to the end in Mary Region. Mary and vekilbazar Districts have successfully fulfilled contractual obligation on June 27 – 28. First of the districts has produced more than 37,200 tons of grain while another one more than 35,300 tons. Tenants of Karakum District delivered more than 43,600 tons of wheat to the state.

Good yield of more than 49,000 tons has been produced in farming associations of Dyanew District, Lebap Region. In addition, grain producers of Hojambaz District, whose result is 21,200 tons of wheat, have executed the plan in the eastern region.

Tenants of Serdar District are the leaders in Balkan Region, the same like in previous years. They have delivered more than 36,800 tons of grain. Bereket etrap, which produced 29,440 tons of wheat, is the second both by the size of the fields and relatively, by the delivery. Etrek District, where 4,320 tons of grain have been produced, has also completed harvesting.


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