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Investment and construction sector: Important role in development of national economy

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Outcomes of the first half of 2020 summed up at the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers on July 3 have become an evidence of stable development of national economy.

Construction sphere, which has a defining role in realization of large-scale programmes of social and economic development of Turkmenistan, is one the branches of national economy.

Significant capital investments into this important sector, favourable investment climate in the country, efficient support measures of national private sector by the government provided success of urban construction policy, under which hundreds of different facilities are built and reconstructed in the capital and regions.

It is not only Ashgabat, our beautiful white-marble capital but also the most remote regions, where magnificent architectural ensembles, modern office buildings, comfortable living and big industrial state-of-the-art facilities are in built rapidly.

“We have started the construction of new cities and settlements on a large scale and despite arising circumstances, we would continue this work”, - Head of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers, having requested relative officials to accelerate analysis of situation in this sector and develop new programme of development of relative industry for coming 2021.

The utmost attention is paid to implementation of National rural programme, which is to provide high living standards of people, optimum conditions for their creative work and comfortable living.

1,300,000,000 manats of investments have been developed for these purposes in the last six months. 14 big facilities, 509,000 square meters of living including comfortable accommodation buildings to total cost of around 1,000,000,000 manats have been put into operation in the first half of the year.

Production industrial facilities, kindergartens, schools, shops and other social infrastructure facilities have been built within planned volumes.

Construction of new settlements is a characteristic feature of our time. It is some kind of indicator of responsible approach of the government to modern life development in rural area and its compliance with urban standards of comfort.

In other words, all conditions are made for the population would have opportunity to works, study, rest, go in for sports and art, use modern services of shopping, entertainment and health improving service in regions and districts.

This is brightly indicated by construction works carried out in new administrative centre of Ahal Velayat. This grandiose project has become an important step toward successful implementation of social and economic strategy.

At present, construction of administrative buildings of regional department of Central Bank of Turkmenistan, branches of the State Commercial banks Türkmenistan, Daýhanbank, Halkbank, Joint Stock Commercial bank Senagat, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, industrial and communication, trade, agricultural, construction and energy complexes, municipal services and public organizations is carried out according to the plan.

In addition, comfortable 7- and 9-storey accommodation buildings, Marriage Palace, buildings of profile departments including secondary professional educational facilities, specialized and children art schools, secondary schools and kindergartens, health centre are under construction.

New centre will have its own stadium, International high equestrian school, scientific and production equestrian centre and other social and production facility.

Implementation of urban construction projects, integrated industrialization of regions are aimed at multidimensional development of national economy and private sector, which is to support to prosperity of home land, to increase level of wealth of the population.

Having put care of people and its wealth as a priority of the government policy, the President focuses on importance of integrated measures for provision of happy life of our people.

Speaking of the development of the State budget for the next year, Turkmen leader highlighted that resources for construction of living for people who needs it have to be provided in the main financial plan.

According to statistics presented at the session of the Government, the production and service plan in construction and industrial sector has been executed by 112.8 percent with growth rate of 118.9 percent comparing with the same period of the last year in January – June this year.

In particular, the Ministry of Construction and architecture has fulfilled the plan of works by 107.7 percent in the first half of 2020. The growth rate was 107.4 percent.

At the same time, special attention is paid to other important aspects like enhancement of competiveness and expansion of variety of production of construction industry, strengthening of its production, scientific and technical potential, introduction of efficient management forms including with participation of small and medium business.

It is worth to make special mention that private sector has become one of the most developing sections of entrepreneurship activity. Share of private companies, the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, in large-scale projects of urban construction of cities and villages of the country is growing.

Achievements, gained experience and perspectives of cooperation in urban construction, architectural sphere and formation of urban infrastructure in modern Turkmenistan were demonstrated at XIX White City of Ashgabat International Multipurpose Exhibition on May 25.

The exposition has become an evidence of efficiency of urban construction policy. It is remarkable that special interest of participants and visitors of the exhibition has been raised by wide variety of modern construction and decoration materials.

This is not occasional taking into account that this sector, which is dynamically developed based on local materials and reviewed at one of the main elements of growth of the economy of the regions has received significant government support together with general and living construction.

Every year, production output of national construction industry is intensively increased. This is brightly indicated by powerful construction cluster, which is established in Ovadandepe zone, Ahal Region.

The State Тürkmendemirönümleri Facility producing metalwork and rebar, big aerial concrete plant, marble and granite processing factory of Тürkmenmermer CJSC as well as biggest in Central Asia Türkmenaýnaönümleri glass production facility, which use advanced technologies, successfully operates in this place.

Modern complex, which are put into operation, are designated for production of wide variety of competitive production, which meets international quality standards.

It was mentioned at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers that only the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production has executed the plan by 105.5 percent. High growth rate of 109.2 percent is also maintained.

Focusing on importance of uninterrupted provision of construction sites with all necessary building materials, the President points out the necessity of acceleration of work for establishment of strong industry, production of import substitutive commodities, and comprehensive development of local raw material resources, which Turkmenistan is rich with.

Active geological surveys aimed at finding of new natural reserve deposits are carried out. In future, the results of these works will serve to increment of potential of production complex and production of construction materials and other production, which is on high demand in our country and abroad.

Therefore, investment and construction sector plays bigger role in successful implementation of priority programmes aimed at further growth of multidimensional national economy, maximum use of rich natural regions and development of regions.


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