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22.05.2019 | X International Gas Congress sums up its outcomes

X International Gas Congress, which outlined new vectors of development of interstate cooperation in gas sphere and supported the coordination of joint plans for future, has accomplished its work in Avaza National tourist zone.

22.05.2019 | Modern poultry complex is put into operation in Kaahka etrap

The opening ceremony of modern poultry complex for production of chicken meat and eggs was held in Kaahka etrap.

21.05.2019 | Turkmenistan hosts X International Gas congress

X Turkmenistan International Gas Congress (TGC 2019) has started work in Avaza National tourist zone. Big specialized forum, which is to give new impulse to international cooperation in energy sphere, was organized by the State Concern Türkmengaz.

19.05.2019 | Ashgabat hosts a meeting of the CIS Intergovernmental Coordination Council on Seed Production

22nd meeting of the CIS Intergovernmental Coordination Council on Seed Production took place in the conference hall of the Archabil Hotel in Ashgabat. The meeting brought together the representatives of relevant ministries and departments, research and production centers of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan among other countries, as well as the CIS Executive Committee.

18.05.2019 | Transactions concluded at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan amount to US$ 185 million

63 transactions were concluded at State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.

17.05.2019 | International Exhibition White City of Ashgabat is under preparation

XVIII International Multi-Purpose Exhibition White City of Ashgabat will be held on May 25 – 26. Representatives of foreign business circles and leading foreign companies including long partners of our country as well as ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, private companies, which will present wide range of production of different branches of national economy, will take part in the review.

17.05.2019 | Flow of sulphur free gas is received from new well in Lebap Velayat

Drilling of 2,400 meter well has been completed by the State Corporation Türkmengeologiýa at Tajibay Field in Carjew etrap, Lebap Velayat. Flow of sulphur free gas, which is very important for the industry, has been received from this well. At present, Scientific and Research Institute of the State Concern Türkmengaz works on estimation of the reserves of new deposit.

16.05.2019 | Ashgabat hosts agricultural exhibition and conference

The Trade and Industrial Chamber hosted the exhibition of agricultural complex of the country and International Scientific conference “Reached levels and further objectives of seed production sphere of Turkmenistan”.

16.05.2019 | Silkworm breeders in Lebap Velayat report on the fulfillment of the contractual obligations

Silkworm breeders in the eastern region of the country reported on the fulfillment of the contractual obligations. More than 960 tons of high-quality silkworm cocoons - raw material for the textile industry were delivered to the Lebap Velayat receiving points.

15.05.2019 | Silkworm Breeders in Akhal Velayat First in Country to Reach Production Targets

Silkworm breeders in Akhal velayat were the first in the country to report on the successful fulfillment of their contractual obligations, having reared 156-plus tons of silkworm cocoons.




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