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14.07.2019 | 2 medals of the Asian Junior Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship are in the collection of national team

Asian Junior Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship has started in Chonburi (The Kingdom of Thailand) on July 9 and would last until July 14. 130 sportsmen from 14 countries participate in the tournament.

08.07.2019 | Turkmen free style wrestlers win two medals at Spanish Grand Prix Tournament

Representative international free style wrestling tournament Spanish Grand Prix was held in Madrid on July 5 – 8. More than two hundred strongest wrestlers from 47 countries of the world took part in the competition.

06.07.2019 | Turkmen athletes win three medals of XXIX Gusman Kosanov Memorial

International Gusman Kosanov Memorial Track and Field Tournament, which is held for 29 times already, has started in Almaty.

06.07.2019 | XXX World Summer Universiade is opened in Napoli

Opening ceremony of XXX World Summer Universiade was held at Sao Paolo Stadium of Napoli (Italy) on July 3.

04.07.2019 | Turkmen athletes are ready for the World Universiade

First sportsmen representing Turkmenistan national judo team came to Italian Napoli. These are five young men and women who won the right to represent the country at the XXX World Summer Universiade. In addition, the team is accompanied by two coaches.

27.06.2019 | The 2019 AFC Cup: Group round finished, playoff games are ahead

Group round of the 2019 Asian Football Confederation Cup is finished.

06.06.2019 | Turkmen wrestlers perform with success at the World Mix Fight Tournament

Representative tournament of the World Mix Fight Cup (this sport is also referred to as the MMA from English Mixed martial arts) was held in Belgorod – Dnestrovsky (Ukraine) on May 28 - June 6.

03.06.2019 | Turkmen weightlifters win bronze medal at the World Junior Championship

Island State Fiji, which is located in the southern part of Pacific Ocean, was the centre of the world weightlifting for few days hosting the World Junior Weightlifting Championship in its capita Suva on June 1 – 8. Around 250 sportsmen from different countries took part in the competition.

26.05.2019 | Turkmen sambo wrestlers have success at the Paris Grand Prix tournament

International Sambo and Combat Sambo Men and Women Tournament Paris Grand Prix was held in the capital of French Republic on May 24 – 29.

30.04.2019 | Turkmen motor racers perform with success at international competitions in Astrakhan Region, Russian Federation

Second round of Russian Rally Raid Championship “The Gold of Kagan – 2019”, which was held Astrakhan Region, is accomplished. Besides the hosts of the tournament, sportsmen from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Finland and Ukraine took part in the competitions.




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