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Labour victory of Turkmen grain producers

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Turkmen grain producers have won a great labour victory. Having produced more than 1,400,000 tons of wheat, they fulfilled the state order for production of grain.

It is worth reminding that 690,000 hectares have been allocated for winter crops this year. The main part of agricultural fields was sown with high-productive species of wheat, which were tested in local social and climate conditions, such as Sahrayi, Juvan, Bitarao, Yoloten – 1, Yoloten – 3, Turkmenbashy – 1, Gyzylshaglavuk – 25, Miras, Akbash, Yubiliynaya – 100, Bat’ko and Wassa.

More than 2,200JohnDeere, CLAAS, Case, New Holland grain harvesters, which were procured for the needs of agricultural complex at the request of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, have been used in the wheat harvest 2020. More than 11,000 cargo trucks, which were provided by different ministries and profile departments, have been used for delivery of wheat to reception facilities and grain elevators.

Hundreds of mobile service and maintenance teams provide technical support to grain producers during the harvest providing them with fuel, lubricants, spare parts for equipment. Proper living conditions have been made, performance of art masters, mobile shopping outlets have been organized for machine operators, drivers and other personnel participating in the campaign.

Farmers of Ahal Region, who produced more than 400,000 tons of grain, were the first to fulfil contractual obligations. Grain producers of Dashoguz Region, who reaped more than 265,000 tons of selected wheat, have carried out the harvest campaign at rapid rates. Significant yield of more than 310,000 tons and 345,000 tons was produced in Lebap and Mary Region respectively. More than 80,000 tons of grain is the result of the harvest campaign in Balkan Region.

Rural personnel has many things to take care of ahead. Right after the wheat harvest, the fields are ploughed several times to prepare the land for new sowing. It has been several years since Turkmenistan has opportunity to export the excess of produced grain, which is very important from steadfast state development point of view.


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