20.03 2023

Three medals will be taken home by Turkmen judoists from the Junior European Cup, which ended in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 14 sets of awards of which were contested by 268 athletes (166 men and 102 women) from 18 countries within two days.

19.03 2023

Turkmen judoka Serdar Rahymov won the gold medal at the Junior European Cup that started in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This remarkable success was achieved by a 1st year student of the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction in the weight category up to 66 kg, in which 27 athletes from 13 countries competed for the title of the strongest.

30.11 2022

Two more medals were added to the treasury of the national team of Turkmenistan at the 13th World Kurash Championship in the Indian city of Pune.

28.11 2022

The first bronze medal appeared in the treasury of the Turkmenistan team at the 13th World Kurash Championship that started in the Indian city of Pune. 

27.11 2022

Five medals - 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze - were won by Turkmen athletes at the international Thai boxing tournament that ended today in Antalya (Turkey).

19.11 2022

128 athletes (86 men and 42 women) from Ahal, Dashoguz, Lebap, Mary velayats and the capital brought together the tennis championship of Turkmenistan, which ended on the courts of the «Ashgabat» stadium.

14.11 2022

Three more medals - one silver and two bronze - were added to the thrift box of the Turkmenistan national team on the third day of the World SAMBO Championships in Bishkek.

12.11 2022

Turkmen sambo wrestlers won one gold and two bronze medals at the 47th World Championships that started in Bishkek.

02.11 2022

The articles about the celebration of the 31st anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan are published on the first pages of the specialised edition.

31.08 2022

Today, a ceremony has been held in the Turkmen capital on the instructions of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to award the athletes who won prizes at recent major international competitions such as the 7th International Sports Games “Children of Asia” in the city of Vladivostok, the Russian Federation, and the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in the city of Konya, the Republic of Turkey.

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