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Turkmenistan revives the phenomenon of the Great Silk Road in transport strategy

published 07.03.2017

The railway and automobile bridges of Turkmenabat-Farab were put into operation, becoming a significant element of the country's transport infrastructure, reviving the Great Silk Road in its new quality. Thus, the territory of Central Asia, step by step, becomes one of the most important transport and transit crossings of the continent.

The railway bridge has a length of 1750 meters. This is Category I overpass with a width of 5.8 meters, it was built using the most advanced technologies in the world of bridge construction, adapted to the conditions of the Amu Darya with its strong current and other “whims”. The structures of increased seismic stability and operational strength with the calculation for superheavy freight trains were used. The height of the river shipping canal i...


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