Events of the week
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov: We are following a progressive path of development
Events of the week
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov: We are following a progressive path of development
Published 02.10.2022

Last week, in an atmosphere of general enthusiasm and joy, the celebrations in honor of the 31st anniversary of the independence of the Fatherland became a grandiose review of achievements and great labor victories.

As noted in the congratulatory Address of the head of state to the people, the sovereignty of our Motherland is the foundation of a happy and prosperous life for the people of Turkmenistan. Over the years of independence, great success has been achieved in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres. During this time, Turkmenistan has become a country with a powerful economy, a perfect social system, a rapidly developing state that enjoys great prestige in the world.

On this significant day - September 27 - President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the solemn ceremony of laying flowers at the Monument of Independence of Turkmenistan, which is the embodiment of the invariable commitment of our Motherland and people to the ideals of peace, creation, goodness, as well as in the festive parade, held in the capital on the square in front of the State Tribune Complex.

The review of modern military equipment, which has been supplied to all law enforcement agencies in recent years, has demonstrated the high level of defense capabilities of the Turkmen state on land, sea and air, and its readiness to counter the challenges and threats of the time.

Delightful Akhal-Teke horses became the decoration of the celebration. As a sign of sincere gratitude for the care shown for the well-being and happiness of the Turkmen people, further prosperity of the Motherland and on the occasion of the holiday, the head of state was presented with a graceful dune-colored Akhal-Teke Dovamat as a gift on behalf of his comrades-in-arms.

All sectors of the national economy dedicated labor accomplishments to the anniversary of sacred independence. Delegations of five velayats - representatives of various departments and industries, athletes, cultural figures, children's creative teams - took part in a colorful procession along the main square of the country.

On September 28, at the Oguzhan Palace, with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Serdar Berdimuhamedov, a ceremony was held to present high state awards to military personnel, conferring regular military and special ranks, as well as class ranks to members of the State Security Council.

On the same day, on the square in front of the majestic memorial complex “Halk hakydasy”, awards were presented to distinguished servicemen and employees of law enforcement agencies.

With the participation of the President of Turkmenistan, the celebrations were held at the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex.

The head of state, being an heir of good family traditions and a true connoisseur of the legendary “heavenly” horses, as well as an excellent rider, pays unremitting attention to the development of the national horse breeding industry, increasing its global prestige, stimulating equestrian sports and its wide popularization.

On the occasion of a significant date, an exhibition dedicated to the famous Akhal-Teke horses was launched on the territory of the complex, whose image, proud stand and dignity embody such eternal concepts as beauty, harmony, fidelity, friendship, nobility, willpower, courage.

The Akhal-Teke horses demonstrated their speed and agility at various distances on the racetracks that day. In the final, seventh race at a distance of 2200 meters, there was a struggle for the main prize, established by the President of Turkmenistan. The horse of the palomino suit Bezirgen, belonging to the Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan, came to the finish line With the best time - 2 minutes 31.3 seconds. The winners of the races were awarded well-deserved awards.

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Turkmenistan, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov receives numerous congratulations from heads of state, heads of authoritative international organizations and public figures, in which it is noted that the unique status of the country, which has made it possible to achieve significant success in the political, economic and social spheres, contributes to an even greater increase its prestige on the world stage.

The receptions and negotiations held by the President of the country with the guests who arrived to participate in the celebrations once again confirmed the desire of Turkmenistan to strengthen the traditional ties of friendship and fruitful interstate cooperation based on the principles of openness, mutual respect and understanding, as well as to increase cooperation in various areas.

Thus, during the meeting of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation Rustam Minnikhanov, which took place on September 26, the parties exchanged views on priority issues of cooperation developing within the framework of a constructive interstate dialogue between Turkmenistan and Russia.

As was emphasized, trade and economic ties and direct contacts between business structures occupy an important place on the agenda of the diverse bilateral partnership.

Great prospects for cooperation are also due to the comprehensive reforms being implemented in Turkmenistan aimed at the industrialization of the national economy, the radical modernization of the sectoral infrastructure, the creation of new high-tech industries focused on the production of high-quality competitive products.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov received the Governor of St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) Alexander Beglov.

Concrete steps were discussed to implement the previously reached agreements, in particular, those outlined in the Roadmap for cooperation in trade, economic, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian fields for 2020-2025.

Energy, transport and communications, construction, road transport infrastructure and shipbuilding, investments and digitalization were named among the main areas of partnership.

In turn, Turkmenistan is ready to supply agricultural products, textile and petrochemical industries and other goods produced in the country.

At a meeting with the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation Alexei Teksler, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasized the special importance attached to cooperation with large regions of the Russian Federation, including the Chelyabinsk region, in particular, cooperation in the design and construction of metallurgical and machine-building plants in Turkmenistan.

It was also noted that there are common goals in the field of expanding the range of goods in mutual circulation. In this regard, it was emphasized that the Turkmen side is ready to supply products of the oil and gas industry, the textile industry, carpets, and agricultural products.

The prospects for business partnership were also considered during the meetings held by the President of Turkmenistan on September 28 with the heads of foreign companies participating in the implementation of major projects in various sectors of the economy of our country.

Thus, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov received the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Buried Hill Energy Peter S. Kallos.

The businessman congratulated the head of state on the Independence Day, addressing the wishes of happiness, peace and prosperity. Peter S. Kallos stressed the great interest of Buried Hill Energy in further close cooperation in the development of promising hydrocarbon fields in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea shelf and the training of highly qualified national personnel for the oil and gas industry.

During the meeting of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov with Markwart von Pentz, Head of the Agriculture and Garden Equipment Division of John Deere, the steps taken were discussed in the light of the previously reached agreements. A desire was expressed to expand the areas of cooperation and the range of agricultural equipment supplied to Turkmenistan that meets local soil and climatic conditions, including its latest types for sowing and harvesting campaigns.

Topical issues of state life were considered at a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, held by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov via a digital system on September 30.

The topics discussed included further improvement of national legislation, increasing the efficiency of state property management, modernizing the production capacities of the oil and gas industry, and the progress of seasonal agricultural work.

Proposals were submitted for consideration by the head of state to establish the issuance of plastic cards for various purposes, the production of traffic lights and LED road signs, as well as to conclude a contract with the company - the winner of an international tender for the provision of consulting services for the construction of a multi-purpose solar and wind power plant in the Serdar etrap of the Balkan velayat.

Along with this, reports were given on the ongoing preparations for the international festival “Handicraft and decorative arts in the heritage of the peoples of the world” and the international exhibition and scientific conference “Health, education and sports in the era of the Renaissance of the new era of a powerful state.”

A separate topic of the meeting was the ongoing work to develop constructive cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Gulf states.

In this regard, the results of the working trip of the delegation of our country in September to the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - the city of Riyadh were announced to participate in the first ministerial meeting of the strategic dialogue between Central Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The Turkmen side outlined energy, transport, logistics, investment and trade as key areas for strengthening mutually beneficial partnership.

In addition, in Riyadh, within the framework of bilateral negotiations with the leadership of government agencies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issues of building up fruitful cooperation were discussed, taking into account the existing potential in various fields, the possibility of implementing joint investment projects.

During the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, it was also reported on the results of the working trip of the delegation of Turkmenistan to the United Arab Emirates that took place on September 12-16. During the meetings held with the leadership of a number of relevant structures of the UAE, issues of further expansion of productive partnerships in various fields were considered and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Agency for Transport and Communications under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan and Abu Dhabi Ports Company P.J.S.C.

Having confirmed the readiness of our country to develop mutually beneficial partnership both in bilateral and multilateral formats, through international and interregional structures, including within the framework of the Central Asia-Gulf Cooperation Council dialogue, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov instructed to continue systematic work in this direction.

At the meeting, the head of state signed the Resolution “On the purchase of material and technical equipment and facilities by the State Concern Türkmengaz”, as well as the Order on the provision of legal entities - citizens of the country - with land plots for construction and production purposes.

Last week, on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan, Chairman of the Halk Maslatakhy Milli Gengesh Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a working trip to Japan, during which he met with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, representatives of the Parliament, heads of a number of leading companies in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Hero-Arkadag also took part in the state funeral ceremony of the ex-Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

Arkadag's working trip will give impetus to further development of friendly relations between the two countries.

Thus, the events of the past week with its bright festive palette reflected the achievements and successes of modern Turkmenistan, which, under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, confidently follows the path of prosperity, establishing itself in the world as a state with a unique model of independent development and the legal status of neutrality.

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